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Wordpress Community Review

BuddyPress is a very complex and highly nested plugin in WP. This plugin is a gem of ingenuity that makes formatting Buddypress pages almost easy in Elementor.

Wordpress Community Review

When you understand how it works it's a pleasure to play with the layouts and you can really get very creative without risking the whole site crashing.

Your All-in-one Community Site Companion

Online communities

BuddyBuilder gives you the freedom to build an online community right on your existing WordPress site. Allow people to connect, to post updates and discuss in groups.

Full style control

Our unique system gives you full control over structure and styling. Have multiple templates with different structures, show custom profile information and many more.

Live Notifications

BuddyBuilder Pro comes with Live notifications widget that can be added to any Elementor template or you can add it directly in the WordPress menu.

Design Every Part Of Your Community Site

To get started right away, we created complete starter kits using  BuddyBuilder. Each of these include member and group profile templates as well as activity streams, member and group directories.

Everything Comes Together

Theme Independent, A Game Changer

BuddyBuilder works on top of BuddyPress and extends its features to make it easy for you to build amazing communities. Along with the great design power of the Elementor builder to give you ultimate control over your entire community website.

Features Overview

Profile Pages for Members and Groups

Get a step ahead and make your most important pages stand out.

Profiles are the heart of your community. Now you can customize them to fit your needs.

You are free to position all the profile’s main components wherever you like and style them however you like in order to create that unique look you were always looking for.

Member & Group name

Generates member or group name. Customize its appearance adjusting various styling and typography settings.

Profile image

Generates the member or group thumbnail image with full control over layout and styling.

Profile cover

Generate the cover image of your member or group with various styling settings.

X-Profile fields PRO

Enhance your directory listings with custom profile fields.

Profile navigation menu

Generate the main navigation for member profiles.

Action buttons

Place highly customizable “Add friend”, “Join group” and many other buttons in no-time.

Content streams

Generate the content for profile or group page.

Last activity

Show last activity on profile page along with multiple customization settings.

Group meta info

Show users availability of a group. It can be public, private or hidden group.

Group description

Shows a short description of the group, useful for a group presentation, or what’s inside of the group.

Groups leadership

Adds stylish image thumbnails of group admins and moderators on the group profile page.

Group privacy status

Generates the type of group you are listing in the groups directory.

Build some stylish looks for your directories. Grid or list, you pick it.

Directory Listings for Members and Groups

Build stylish looks for your directories.

Grid or list, you pick it. Editing the directory template and even the directory’s item template is like a walk in the park. Don’t worry about positioning and styles, we got them covered.

Just get creative and build some stunning templates.

Members listings

Build members listing directory and showcase the users from your community.

Groups listings

Build groups listing directory and showcase the groups from your community.

Directory navigation menu

Renders the members or groups directory navigation menu

Listing filters

Allows you to disable certain part and apply custom styling.

News Feed

Display the latest activities from all over your community site and allow members to quickly post new updates. 

You have great control over widgets settings and styling so you can have an appealing area where users are always up to date.

Activity listings

Display latest activity from your site.

Activity form

Generate the activity post form and allow members to create new activity entries.

Activity filters

Generate filters for the activity page.

Activity header

Generate the header part for one activity entry.

Activity content streams

Build and style the activity/news feed. Total control over structure and design.

Activity buttons

Generate the buttons for one activity entry.

Activity comments

Generate the comments for one activity entry.

Activity navigation

Generate the activity page navigation

Get more out of your WordPress pages with Buddybuilder widgets!

Make your WordPress pages even more powerful using Buddybuilder widgets like messaging and notifications, members and groups listing, instant posting activity updates and more…

Notifications PRO

Never miss a notification, with Live notifications, you can get real-time updates on what's important to you, without ever having to leave your page.

Messages PRO

Show anywhere, in your menu or in content, a messages icon that automatically gets updated and shows latest messages.

Groups list tabs PRO

The perfect way to always see the latest and hottest groups added to the community. An easy-to-use widget that makes it easy to find new groups to join.

Members list tabs PRO

Always see the active and latest members added to the community, so you can connect with them right away.

Post update form PRO

Handy form that give you the ability to post quick activity updates from any page.

One powerful builder for your best community site!