Dynamic visibility conditions. hide any Elementor widget or section like a PRO.

Advanced Content Visibility Logic for Elementor

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What you can do with Visibility Logic?

Hide or show Elementor widgets and sections based on advanced conditions.

The free version allows you to show or hide content based on User Role, User Meta, User Browser and Date & Time.

Visibility Logic

Features Overview

Super flexible so you can apply content conditions like a Pro

All conditions must be true
At least one condition must be true

Keep HTML / Hide by CSS FREE

When an element is hidden, decide if you still want to render the html in the page and hide it using CSS.

User Roles FREE

Easily show/hide elements based on user roles like authors, subscribers, contributor, etc. and even logged-in users or guests.

User Meta FREE

Display your content based on current logged in user's meta. You can choose if the meta value is empty, not empty, a specific value, greater than a value and may more.

Date & Time FREE

You can define a date interval, a time interval or specific days of the week to display your content. This can help you if you have a flexible schedule.

Browser Type FREE

Trigger content visibility based on the user's browser. Awesome if you need to show a notice for users that are using old browsers.

IP & Referrer PRO

Show content if the visitor has a specific IP address or if he comes from a specific site (referral).

Post & Page PRO

Use custom post types, specific post or page, taxonomies, GET and POST parameters and many more options to conditionally display content.

Archives PRO

You can show a widget/section based on the current post type or a specific taxonomy.

Conditional Tags PRO

Display content based on current post/page/archive properties (ex: post is sticky, page is home, archive is tag, etc). You can even use site's properties like check if is multisite, has child theme, is RTL, etc.

Dynamic Conditions PRO

Use Dynamic Tags from Elementor Pro to display content on your website. Take advanced of the powefull tags, even of ACF.

* Requires Elementor Pro

WooCommerce Users PRO

Check if a user has bought any product, a specific product or multiple products. You can even check if he has an active subscription if you have installed Woocommerce Subscriptions.

* Requires Woocommerce


Using Easy Digital Downloads you can display content based on user's purchases. You can check if a user has purchased any, one or multiple products.

* Requires Easy Digital Downloads

Fallback PRO

Fallback option allows you to replace a hidden widget/section with a custom message or an Elementor template.

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Frequently asked questions.

Visiblity Logic is a WordPress plugin that works with any WordPress theme and allows you to apply content visibility restrictions to Elementor widgets.

A free version is our recommended way to get to know our product. You can download it here or from your WordPress dashboard in Plugins page by searching for Visibility Logic

Definitely not. If you are familiar with Elementor page builder, then you already know how to wok with Visibility Logic.

We are always here for you and we want to grow a beautiful product. Please reach us on our support page we would be happy to help.

After you made the purchase you will find the license key and the link to download the Pro .zip file from your https://my.staxwp.com/my-account page.

Short answer, Yes. We add more settings and logic to Elementor interface.

No, you can use Free Elementor version too when using Visibility Logic, but some Pro features of Visibility Logic may require Elementor Pro for some advanced conditions.

Only the Pro version of Visbility Logic integrates with other plugins like Elementor Pro, Woocommerce, Wocommerce Subscriptions, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.